Following A Pattern – 5 Standout Swim Trunks

Following A Pattern - 5 Standout Swim Trunks

Summer’s in full swing and the right pair of swim trunks are a must have. Don’t make the mistake of being that guy (or the partner of that guy) with the long board shorts that go past the knee. Live a little, show off some thigh, and snag a pair of brightly patterned shorts that fit the season.

1. Yuko Hagiwara Print Swim Trunk by Orlebar Brown
These trunks utilize an incredible photo by Yuko Hagiwara to make a bold statement. Plus these have a button fly, zipper and pockets, so they’d even be suitable for outside the beach. – Buy it here

2. Mineral Print Swim Trunk by Saturdays Surf NYC
My favorite of the bunch, these mineral printed shorts come in three color variations – white with blue, blue with black, and the raciest of the bunch, black and red. – Buy it here

3. Rick – Watercolor Swim trunk by ourCaste
My partner Kyle has these and they’re an amazing print. Like the Orlebar’s above these are also a hybrid trunk, made for the waves or the day-to-day. – Buy it here

4. Raw Surf Stripe Swim Swim Trunk by Quality Peoples
For those who don’t want to make as bold of a statement these are for you. The black short with chunky swath of paint means you can still show your artsy side. – Buy it here

5. The Right Asteroid Swim Trunk by Deus
If fine art is more your vibe these op art inspired shorts by Deus is where it’s at. These might camouflage you in the water but you’ll be a stand out on the beach. – Buy it here