The Project Twins Illustrate an A-Z of Unusual Words

A-Z of Unusual Words - The Project Twins

Have you ever grazed a flock of montivagant sheep? Perhaps you’ve once received a recumbentibus of righteous indignation? Maybe you were once the recipient of a glare so angry that it left you completely gorgonized? … No? … Not sure? … Don’t worry! I didn’t know the meaning to any of these words either until I discovered this wonderful A-Z of Unusual Words by Irish graphic-arts duo The Project Twins.

A-Z of Unusual Words - The Projecta TwinsRecumbentibus_905

Combining bold graphics with visual wit the series explores the meaning behind 26 words. Starting at “A” (Acersecomic – A person whose hair has never been cut) and heading all the way to “Z” (Zugzwang – A position in which any decision or move will result in problem) the series is bound to offer a few new words to add to you’re vocabulary while also putting a smile on your face.

A-Z of Unusual Words - The Project Twins

The Project Twins are James and Michael Fitzgerald and they recently launched a new website. It’s full of both personal and commercial projects that range from large scale art pieces to great design and illustration projects.

Prints from this series are available from their online shop.

A-Z of Unusual Words - The Project Twins

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