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The Grand Budapest Hotel Made Entirely From LEGO

The Grand Budapest Hotel Made Entirely From LEGO

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to run into this giant model of the Grand Budapest Hotel, made completely out of LEGO. This masterpiece is constructed from over 50,000 LEGO bricks and took more than 575 hours to complete. You have to admire this team for having the skill and patience to create something of this scale. Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at how they did it.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Made Entirely From LEGO

Pocket Art Director

Pocket Art Director

Feeling unsure of your creative decisions? The team at Fuzzco have created Pocket Art Director, the perfect way to get feedback without the annoying art director breathing down your neck. They’ve cleverly thought of three experiences: one is a digital version of the die which you can try online, you can print it out, or you can buy a real life version that resembles the design-y version of something you’d find in a D&D shop. Genius.

JohnnyExpress – Space’s Laziest Delivery Man

Johnny Express

JohnnyExpress is the title of a wonderfully funny animated short by Alfred ImageWorks; an animation and motion graphics company from Korea. Set in the year 2150, it tells the tale of Johnny – a lazy delivery man responsible for dropping off parcels on planets throughout the galaxy. As Johnny awakes from sleep with a new package to deliver, he soon discovers that this simple delivery may be harder than he had hoped. Things quickly go from bad to worse and hilarity ensues.

Johnny Express

The animation is brilliant but what really got me is the short’s wit and charm. They say that the secret to good comedy is timing, and if that’s true then JohnnyExpress is most certainly a really great comedy! If you have time, make sure to put five minutes aside today and go check it out. I’m certain that you’ll enjoy it!

250 New Emojis Coming Soon

Unicode, the official keepers of emojis, announced yesterday that they’ll be adding around 250 new emojis. The Washington Post has a pretty complete list of what you should be seeing and I’m personally excited for a weight lifter, derelict house building, man in business suit levitating, clamshell mobile phone, reversed hand with middle finger extended, and dagger knife. Unfortunately they didn’t bother to put in important stuff like multi-ethnic emojis so that it’s not a bunch of white people.

There’s still also no taco, though Chris Rushing did a nice job of mocking one up. Just a heads up Chris, real tacos don’t have lettuce in them : \

Taco Emoji by Chris Rushing

Amazing Sculptures Made From Recycled Plactic by Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson - Installatio

New York-based Canadian artist Aurora Robson makes some amazing sculptures and installations. Described as a “subtle yet determined environmental activist”, her work is made from everyday waste such as junk mail and discarded plastic bottles. Her resulting creations look like strange alien-beings or bizarre creatures from the deep. I love them!

Aurora Robson - Sculpture

Behind her organic forms lies some incredibly intricate work. Often lit by solar-powered LEDs; her sculptures are immense – taking over entire galleries and filling rooms with bizarre forms and shapes. At the core of what she does is a hope to raise awareness about plastic waste.

Aurora Robson - Sculpture

You can find out more about her practice in the video below or visit her website for more images and examples of her work.

Jonny Ive Interview: Design, Product, and Focus

Jonny Ive Interview: Design, Product, and Focus

There’s a nice interview over on The New York Times Bits blog with Jonny Ive where he speaks about the culture of Apple and how it’s remained unchanged since Steve Jobs’ passing. Below is my favorite part where he speaks about the importance of focusing on the product you’re trying to build, and I think it’s really great advice that I try to follow in my day job.

One of the values of things I learned absolutely directly from Steve was the whole issue of focus. What are we focusing on: focus on product. I wish I could do a better job in communicating this truth here, which is when you really are focused on the product, that’s not a platitude. When that truly is your reason for coming into the studio, is just to try to make the very best product you can, when that is exclusive of everything else, it’s remarkable how insignificant or unimportant a lot of other stuff becomes. Titles or organizational structures, that’s not the lens through which we see our peers.

Michael Graves Turns Tragedy Into Opportunity

Michael Graves - Prime TC Wheelchair

“It was far too ugly for me to die in there.”

Those are the words of designer Michael Graves, known for bringing well-designed products to the masses, who in 2003 suffered from a sinus infection which, left unattended, ended up infecting his brain and spine, leaving him paralyzed. It’s a horrific story which lead Graves to find his newest calling: the design of hospitals and related equipment.

He spent three years recuperating in eight hospitals and four rehab centers, in each one learning more about the limits of the spaces in which he was expected to recover. Because the rooms weren’t built according to principals of universal design (in which elements are created to be both aesthetically pleasing and usable by the greatest number of people, including those in wheelchairs) he couldn’t reach the outlets to plug in his electric shaver (they were too low) or turn on the faucets to wash his face (they were too high). Portable toilets were stacked against the wall, the bedside tables dirty. “It doesn’t make you feel very good when everything around you says ‘sick,’” said Graves, 79.

Many may have taken this as a defeat but he took it as his last challenge. So far he’s designed the Prime TC, a wheelchair that’s ergonomically sound, is made of anti-bacterial materials and is meant to replace the x-frame wheelchair which is still regularly in use, though it’s design has remained unchanged since 1933.

I had no idea that such a tragedy had befallen such a monumental designer but I’m glad to see that he’s taken this as an opportunity. Hospitals for the most part scare the crap out of me and I’m sure I’m not alone. Most seem like spaces designed to fit machines, not people, and hopefully the work that Graves is now doing will begin to make a mark on the health industry.

You can read the full story on Quartz.

Sponsored – A’ Design Awards & Competition – Early Call for Entries

A’ Design Awards & Competition – Early Call for Entries

A’ Design Awards is a premier annual juried design competition that honors the best designers, architects, engineers, design studios and design-oriented companies worldwide to provide them publicity, fame, and recognition. Every year, projects that focus on innovation, technology, design, and creativity are awarded with the A’ Award.

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ctrl+c Gives The Soccer Jersey A Fashionable Upgrade

ctrl+c Gives The Soccer Jersey A Fashionable Upgrade

Everyone I know has World Cup fever right now and I have no idea when it’s all going to stop. Instead of trying to fight the mania I’ve decided to embrace soccer/football and feature this handsome collection of jerseys by British brand crtl+c. The designers were influenced by the past for this collection stating, “…we drew inspiration from our love of 80s and 90s football shirt design. Reinterpreting the heritage in bold colours, strong graphics and gradients.”

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2014 iPhone Photography Awards Winners Announced

Yilang Peng

The winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards have been announced and the results are remarkable. We’re to the point where mobile cameras and photo editing apps can produce photos that rival their more expensive brethren. Examples like the photo above by Yilang Peng and the ones below demonstrate that it’s less about the equipment you have but your ability to see the world in a beautiful way.

Highly recommend checking out the sections of Architecture, Animals, Others, and Sunsets. It’s also interesting to check out the winners from past years, dating back to 2008.

Adrienne Pitts

Cocu Liu

Danil Konovalov