Five Fonts for Summer

Five Fonts for Summer

The arrival of any season brings a number of design trends from colors and shapes and type. Summer is hear so it’s time for warmer colors and to drop your serifs. I’ve selected five examples of display type and trends I’d like to see gracing designs this time of year.



1. Thirsty Soft – This is my top pick for summer and one of the best scripts I’ve seen in a long time. Thirsty Soft by Yellow Design Studios (add these guys to your watch list) is a vintage-inspired font family with  kick-ass ligatures and works as both retro and contemporary display type.  It comes with six different weights, shadow layers and a handful of other features in addition to a particularly beautiful ampersand. It’d make for great summer advertising and signage and I could picture it advertising some frozen treat or lemonade out on a boardwalk.



2. Roccia – An experimental sans by Mark Oggian available on Ten Dollar Fonts. I’m not a huge fan of the alternative geometric sans trend because I think it can get to be too much, too quickly and fear people will abuse it but I don’t mind it sparingly. I think Roccia hits the right notes with it’s decorative glyphs. I find it gives off a bit of a summer music festival vibe and could easily see it on gig posters as well as striking display type in magazines.


3. Supernett – A fun, handwritten sans by Georg Herold Wildfellner. It’s playful without being obnoxious. It looks great in all weights, especially light. It works for anything outdoorsy or green. It can have an organic feel if it’s played the right way. ATCTimberline_SummerFont

4. ATC Timberline – A fresh release from Avondale Type Company, which I featured on my foundries to watch post a little while back. These guys are churning out typefaces with ease and their new, ultra-wide sans makes for nice type for more serious, summer designs. It’d also work as a nice secondary typeface.



5. Knewave – This brush type from Tyler Fincke has been around for a few years on League of Moveable Type but this is exactly what I picture when I think of type and summer. I simply could not leave it off this list. It screams beach and surf magazine spread. It’s bold and a bit haphazard while still maintaining a lot of uniformity.