Los Angeles Stories: Design Edition

Los Angeles Stories: Design Edition

This Thursday June 26 I’ll be hosting Los Angeles Stories, a special storytelling night put on by TFIB sister site, Los Angeles, I’m Yours. Each month the stories focus on my beautiful city of Los Angeles but each of the stories will be design related in honor of the Los Angeles Design Festival, which is happening this month.

Jon Setzen, Creative Director and the man who makes CreativeMornings happen in Los Angeles.
• Bobby Solomon, creative director at disney and the dude behind The Fox Is Black.
Peter Zellner, fantastic local architect and former LAIY cover man.
Kyle Fitzpatrick, writer and editor of art, design, and food culture site Los Angeles, I’m Yours.

We’re super stoked for this. Can’t wait to see you next Thursday! Make sure to reserve a ticket here.

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