Sponsored – Kickstart your Creative Career with The Shillington Graphic Design Course

The Shillington Graphic Design Course

Looking to kickstart your creative career? A world class design education shouldn’t take forever. The Shillington Graphic Design Course takes just 3 months full-time or 1 year part-time. Most students have had no previous design experience, and come from a variety of professional backgrounds. Finance, hospitality, construction, nursing … you name it! With passion, determination and some friendly guidance from Shillington’s talented teachers, students graduate with everything they need to begin their exciting and rewarding new career in graphic design.

Find out more about the Shillington teaching method at our Info Session on Wednesday July 2 (315 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor, Manhattan). Alternatively, join us at our summer graduations on Friday July 18 for our full-time students and Friday 25 July for our part-time students where you can see their amazing student work.

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