JohnnyExpress – Space’s Laziest Delivery Man

Johnny Express

JohnnyExpress is the title of a wonderfully funny animated short by Alfred ImageWorks; an animation and motion graphics company from Korea. Set in the year 2150, it tells the tale of Johnny – a lazy delivery man responsible for dropping off parcels on planets throughout the galaxy. As Johnny awakes from sleep with a new package to deliver, he soon discovers that this simple delivery may be harder than he had hoped. Things quickly go from bad to worse and hilarity ensues.

Johnny Express

The animation is brilliant but what really got me is the short’s wit and charm. They say that the secret to good comedy is timing, and if that’s true then JohnnyExpress is most certainly a really great comedy! If you have time, make sure to put five minutes aside today and go check it out. I’m certain that you’ll enjoy it!

June 17, 2014 / By