Amazing Sculptures Made From Recycled Plactic by Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson - Installatio

New York-based Canadian artist Aurora Robson makes some amazing sculptures and installations. Described as a “subtle yet determined environmental activist”, her work is made from everyday waste such as junk mail and discarded plastic bottles. Her resulting creations look like strange alien-beings or bizarre creatures from the deep. I love them!

Aurora Robson - Sculpture

Behind her organic forms lies some incredibly intricate work. Often lit by solar-powered LEDs; her sculptures are immense – taking over entire galleries and filling rooms with bizarre forms and shapes. At the core of what she does is a hope to raise awareness about plastic waste.

Aurora Robson - Sculpture

You can find out more about her practice in the video below or visit her website for more images and examples of her work.

June 17, 2014