Instagram Made Me A Better Documentarian

Bobby Solomon Instagram

Instagram is a funny beast. Like most things people have a lot of opinions about and for me personally I’m an avid user. To me it does two things:

1) Allows me to keep a record of my life.
2) Gives me a way to be creative in a relatively simple way.

Being able to document my experiences and share them with friends/strangers/whomever is fun to me. Making aesthetically pleasing photos is certainly part of it but it’s also exactly how I perceive the world. I love bright colors, I love balance, I love the way light fills a space or gives depth to an object. These are also principles which I use in my day-to-day career as a designer.

It’s also a “cheap” way for me to create something with my busy life. Being able to take a few minutes out of my day to share something beautiful or clever is a simple act that brings me joy. A lot of people get caught up in what other folks are doing with Instagram but that’s a mistake. Like anything in life, go down your own path and don’t look back. If someone is annoyed by my food photos or a selfie or more photos of dogs, oh well, they can unfollow.

Related, Jeffrey Kalmikoff has a great take on Instagram, that you should follow your interests, not the people you know. He also has a similar view on the “just do it” attitude I described above.

My Instagram feed is filled with content that amazes me. I feel inspired by and connected to things I care about. I’m constantly finding new content through the network effect built off of my interests—not my friendships: that’s what Facebook is for.

That being said, I did not change the way I share on Instagram. If you follow me, you’re getting a constant stream of pictures relating to my cats, my health, what I eat, weird things I find, and basically anything that compels me to point my phone and shoot. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t follow me, but hey…

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