Metronomy’s New Video Sees the Band Animated with Felt Tip Pens!


While the golden age of music videos may have now passed, there’s still a number of talented folk out there who are making amazing work. One act in particular who continue to support the art-form is the UK electropop four-piece Metronomy. Last February they worked with Michel Gondry to create a fantastic single-take video for “Love Letters” and their 2011 video for The Look still remains one of my favourite videos of recent memory.


For their latest single the group have teamed up with director Daniel Brereton and animator Matt Lloyd to create a wonderful animated video. Drawn completely in felt tip pens, its a music video unlike anything I’ve seen before and it is well worth watching.

Entitled Reservoir, the track is taken from “Love Letters”; the bands fourth studio album. You can watch more music videos from Metronomy on their YouTube page here.

May 15, 2014 / By