Simona Ciraolo’s Children’s Book About Food Looks Delicious

Simona Ciraolo - Afternoons in the Kitchen

Afternoons in the Kitchen is the name of a picture book by Italian illustrator and author Simona Ciraolo. Created as part of a recent Master’s project at Cambridge in London, Simona says that the book is designed to “nurture a healthy appetite for the pleasure of eating good food”. Looking at her illustrations I’m pretty certain that it works a treat!

Simona Ciraolo - Afternoons in the Kitchen

Simona Ciraolo - Afternoons in the Kitchen

Graduating only a few months ago, Simona already has an impressive portfolio online. Looking through it I think it is clear that she has a real gift at capturing the quirks, qualities and characteristics of children. I love the playfulness of her characters and the expressiveness and the energy in her work is just fantastic.

Prairie in Morocco

You can see more work from Simona here.

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