CCTV Camera’s become Animals Thanks to Designer Eleonora Trevisanutto

Eleanor Trevisanutto - 3 Cricket

Eleanor Trevisanutto - 1 Tropical

It’s like George Orwell’s Animal Farm meets 1984 with these CCTV camera cases by Italian designer Eleonora Trevisanutto. Her creations transform dull security equipment into friendly looking animals and in the process she creates security equipment which feels far less intimidating. It’s a really interesting concept and I must say I quite like Eleonora’s brightly-colored creations.

Eleanor Trevisanutto - Cameras

Made for the Italian company Parson, each device has a camera-lens hidden behind a semi-transparent black screen. Attached to the wall with an arm that resembles a tree-branch, each one is designed to in the shape of a tree-dwelling animal. I think my favourite is the chameleon (which is rather apt).

Eleanor Trevisanutto - 2 Squirrel

So what do you think? Should surveillance equipment be less intimidating? Does concealing a camera in a design like this make it more appealing or does it feel more menacing? It’s an interesting debate and it raises all sorts of questions. Either way, Eleonora Trevisanutto’s designs are rather smart looking and I look forward to seeing what further projects she works on in the future.

You can find out more about the project on the Parson website.

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