5 Things Instagram Should Change For A Better User Experience

5 Things Instagram Should Change For A Better User Experience

I tend to throw my random thoughts on Twitter a lot. Sometimes it’s a release for my brain, other times it’s to incite a conversation. Last week I mentioned that “Instagram could really use an in-app browser” which spurred a deluge of replies with other features that folks would love to see. So here are some of the suggestions that I thought made a lot of sense with a few of my thoughts.


Instagram - In App BrowsingWhen I wrote this I was thinking specifically of the links you see on people’s profiles and how annoying it is that I have to leave the app to view them. From a product perspective you’d think the Instagram team would want to keep you in the experience no matter what but this inability defies that logic. In my mind an in-app browser, much like you use in Twitter or Paper, would fit the bill. It starts to create a tiny ecosystem from which you can discover new things. But my guess would be that there’s a larger issue when it comes to…

Instagram - URLs In CommentsHow great would it be to link to the new piece of art/product/Kickstarter on your photo? We oftentimes like to share a photo of these projects but unfortunately hyperlinks aren’t supported on comments, so you can’t easily direct your friends/fans to them. That said, I can understand how allowing hyperlinks could lead to a world of insane spam. Imagine your comment feed being dominated by URLs for “love enhancers”… not sure how the Instagram team can solve this issue, but you could possibly allow for the following.

Instagram - Disabling CommentsYou know, sometimes you just don’t want anyone to comment, you simply want to put your image out there and be done. Sure, it’s a social platform, but there are times when commentary isn’t always necessary. Giving us the ability to choose when and where we have the conversations could be a great feature (and prevent you from potential spam).

Instagram - Account SwitchingThis one is such a no-brainer. These days a lot of people tend to have multiple online identities/businesses and easily being able to switch between them is critical. Instagram though makes you completely log out in order to switch between accounts, and it’s a pain in the ass. All they need to do is look at the Twitter app’s fast account switching and they’re set. You simply hold down the Me button and all your other accounts pop up. Voila!

Instagram - Photo DraftsHow many times have you started to write a description for a photo when you can’t remember the name of a friend or company you wanted to mention? Or you’re suddenly distracted and can’t finish that photo upload? That’s why we need some sort of drafting mechanism that allows us to queue things until we have the time.


These are perfectly manageable requests dear Instagram team. Hopefully you consider the previous stated points as real features that the people who love your app want to see happen.