Hibou Goes Post-Surf Rock With His New EP, ‘Dunes’

Hibou - Dunes

There are few musical acts who actually employ the human voice in a traditional way that I find enjoyable. That is an incredibly ridiculous statement, I am aware, but I’ve never found work in this style to be interesting. I’d rather hear synthetic sonic experiments or human distortions: that’s more fun. But some bands hit a sweet spot usually occupied somewhere between indie rock and drum machine tuning. It’s a spot that acts like Wild Nothing and DIIV and Dog Bite, these sun faded bands making music for dirty beaches. The newest addition to this entry of acts is Hibou, a Seattle act who easily can break into this new genre of post-surf rock quite easily.

One of their best efforts is June 2013’s Dunes EP, a five track release dedicated to the beautifully Summery. Their sound focuses on bleached out guitars and muffled drum that has occasional is complimented with vocals. That’s part of their fun: they employ simple lyrics that they just repeat and play with over three minutes. “Valium” is a great example of this as it wanders around guitar strums, reflecting a loving waiting game that a drug can only help to solve. They can get super Beach Boys circa 2014 with “In The Sun” and spastic, dance-y with “Sunder.” There is a wide appeal to the sound.

Hibou is currently, somehow, unsigned and have four releases out so far. We’re sure they are currently being lured into a bigger record something and will soon be releasing more and more: we hope so. You can catch Dunes below.

April 28, 2014 / By