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Snacks Quarterly

Everyone has a weakness for snacks. I personally have a savory palette, preferring to nosh on things like wasabi cashews or walnuts and cranberries. Alexander Barrett and Brad Simon love snacks so much they decided to create Snacks Quarterly, an online publication that celebrates snacks in all their forms.

Snacks Quarterly is an internet publication that brings a variety of artists together to share their insights and ideas on the subject of snacks and snacking. Essays, illustrations, anecdotes, and practical snacking tips post four times a year on our beautifully designed, ad-free website.

Snacks Quarterly

The first issue is a who’s who of designers, illustrators and writers. You’ve got art by folks like Adam Garcia (above), Erik Marinovich, Llew Mejia, Will Bryant, and Matthew Foster, as well as stories by Alan J. Braithwaite, Saehoo Cho, and my favorite by Brooke Barker. In it she writes about the heyday of snacks… the 90’s.

There are some snacks you can’t eat because they were limited edition. In 1995 you could buy Christmas Cap’n Crunch that came with a special packet of glitter frosting to spread on your cereal after you added milk. But they made it for only one year, because the world wasn’t ready. Even eighteen years later, most people I talk to don’t seem ready. We also weren’t ready for Rice Krispies with Pop Rocks, green ketchup, or BLT tacos at Taco Bell.

In a world where someone is still trying to sell ham-flavored Toaster Strudels and those gross little black licorice nibs, a world full of Werther’s Originals, why can’t we have Wild MagicBurst Pop-Tarts anymore, the kind that change color in the toaster? Even though all Pop-Tarts get slightly more toasty-colored in the toaster, so maybe that isn’t a huge loss. But why can’t we have Ecto-Cooler Hi-C?

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Snacks Quarterly

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