The Adobe Challenge: Sagmeister X Walsh

Stefan Sagmeister Jessica Walsh Adobe 1

Stefan Sagmeister Jessica Walsh Adobe 2

Stefan Sagmeister Jessica Walsh Adobe 3

Sagmeister & Walsh is undoubtedly one of the best design firms working right now. They’re a powerful little team who have done everything from branding Jay-Z’s Barneys collaboration with jagged gold to providing an Art Deco trophy for the New York Festival. You can see very clearly that they love what they do and that they are very, very talented at it too.

As a means to create some friendly competition and put their work hard, play hard vibe to the test, Adobe invited Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh to participate in a series of creative tasks that involved their making the Adobe logo out of random objects. Produced by the always lovely Art Directors Club’s Young Guns division, the resulting project is an online game show called Sagmeister X Walsh. It’s a bright, fun, design based series that shows how creatives have to stay on their toes.

The show/”Adobe Challenge” has the two designers competing for the title of Creative Master by making and remaking a logo. They’re given two materials (i.e., parts of a piñata, cake, thread, baby dolls, etc.) and have to use them to create an attractive—Yet on brand.—depictions of the Adobe A despite many curveballs (Like blindfolds.) being tossed their way. The two then go head-to-head in making and are judged by a powerhouse team consisting of graphic designer Stefan Bucher, letterer and illustrator Jessica Hische, designer and artist Joshua Davis, and designer and critic Noreen Morioka. The show is brightly colored and features off-the-cuff interviews with Stefan and Jessica as they are tossed crazy challenges. It’s totally fun and silly and truly shows how talented everyone is involved.

There are five episodes total that all last about five minutes long and they truly are a hoot and a holler. They kind of make you wish that a design show like this existed on television—or that you could participate in a challenge like this. Catch the first two videos below (and the rest here) and some more details on all involved here.


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