‘Heads or Tails’ – The tale of a penny by Chris Ware

'Heads or Tails', the tale of a penny by Chris Ware

Chris Ware, one of the finest storytellers of our generation, has a new comic strip over on New York Times that shows the journey of a penny. The story begins in 1929 an ends in our modern time, all the while waxing on about how man believes that they control their own destiny. My favorite part:

“You people think money equals freedom, but life is still always just heads or tails… The thing I’ve never understood is why it can’t always be heads… I mean, if one is always as likely as the other, then what’s the difference? But that’s not the way the universe works, I guess… It eventually comes up tails whether you like it or not…”

April 11, 2014 / By