Get Surreal With It: Opening Ceremony X Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte Opening Ceremony 1

Rene Magritte Opening Ceremony 2

A few weeks ago, Opening Ceremony released a quick flash of a collaboration: the renowned fashion makers “collaborated” with surrealist painter Rene Magritte to create a very tiny collection of wild clothing items. The items are extremely limited edition and seem to have been wiped from the brand’s website—but they still can be celebrated for being a brilliant mashing of art and fashion.

Rene Magritte Opening Ceremony 3

Using Magritte’s vocabulary of disembodied eyes and gravity defying glasses and umbrellas, the brand created everything from bright sweatshirts to cocktail dressed inspired by the artist. They very much focused on a quote from Magritte that defined his body of work: he wanted to make “everyday objects shriek aloud.” What is more everyday than clothing? Nothing else, really. Thankfully they restricted the forms of the clothing being too abstract or surreal, allowing the pieces to really reflect Magritte’s vision for the works. Unlike fashion appropriation of artworks by Warhol and Haring, this does indeed feel special and unique enough to make the artist proud.

We’re not sure how to grab these goods as the pre-order date passed on March 30 and they have yet to be released on the website. Perhaps the collection was an illusion? Perhaps it was a conceptual collection of goods that floated in and out of the fashion world like a giant green apple? Who knows! You can see more from the collection here and here though.

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