Tobias Frere-Jones Is Back With A New Blog

New York Typography - Tobias Frere-Jones

After the much publicized break-up of Hoefler and Frere-Jones, one of the finest typography duos of recent history, Tobias Frere-Jones is back at it with a brand new blog. His first post blog post is titled My Kind of Neighborhood where he shows the impressive type scene thriving in New York… between the years of 1828 and 1909.

I re-read Maurice Annenberg’s “Type Foundries of America and their Catalogs”, tracked down business directories of the period, and spent too much time in Google Earth. But I was able to plot out the locations for every foundry that had been active in New York between 1828 (the earliest records I could find with addresses) to 1909 (see below). All of the buildings have been demolished, and in some cases the entire street has since been erased. But a startling picture still emerged: New York once had a neighborhood for typography.

New York Typography - Tobias Frere-Jones

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