Eye-Popping Marbled Typography by M&E

M and E for Offset

M&E is the design studio of Matthew Bolger and Emelie Lidström. The couple live and work in the Swedish city of Malmö where they combine design, illustration, photography and typography to amazing effect.

Recently they made some great work for OFFSET; a creative conference in Dublin which took place last month. M&E created lots of promotional material and branding for the conference but it was their short colorful video stings that introduced each speaker which really caught my eye.

mande for Offset

Shot using an aquarium, marbling paint and laser cut text; the introductions have a sharp aesthetic unlike anything I’ve seen before. If I hadn’t known how it was done I would have simply put it down to some complicated computer wizardry but instead the results were achieved with a surprisingly simple method.

“We had never seen a process like this before” Matthew & Emelie told me. “Our idea was only made possible because there is a new type of marbling paint which can be used with clear water allowing us to film this coating process”. Prior to this, the duo would have had to use a type of moss to prepare the water, and that would cloud the results, making the whole thing impossible to film through. The results are fantastic and give the festival a fittingly unique and playful identity.

Originally shown as 28-second long introductions, Matthew and Emelie have now edited each of the 24 clips together to create a compilation featuring every speaker at the festival. You can check out video above. The soundtrack comes courtesy of the Danish band Bodebrixen.

M and E for Offset Making Of

If you’re interested in finding out more about how the video was made you can take a look over on their Flickr page where they’ve put together a small behind-the-scenes album. More work from M&E can be found on their website, and if their video has piqued your curiosity in OFFSET make sure to visit iloveoffset.com where you can find an amazing archive of interviews and videos from previous years at the conference.