‘Shape’ – An Animation About Design That Everyone Should Watch

Shape by Johnny Kelly

If, for one day, you had the power to make your world work better, what would you change?’ – This is the question posed in Shape, a new animated short from director Johnny Kelly. The film is part of a larger project called MakeShapeChange which invites young people to think about how the world around them is made and where design fits in. It’s a wonderful little film and a fantastic way to encourage people to think about design.

Shape by Johnny Kelly

The project was commissioned by Dublin City Council and by PIVOT Dublin. PIVOT is an initiative which aims to highlight design as a valuable resource within the city of Dublin and they hope that this project can promote a wider acceptance of design as a tool for positive change. To do this, they aim to get designers to bring this film to schools and talk to students about what they do. I think its a great idea and Shape is the perfect introduction to design for young people.

The film was written by designer Scott Burnett and features a wonderful soundtrack by Antfood. I love the simplicity of how the story is told with no words and Johnny Kelly’s crisply clean illustrations look beautiful in motion.

The film also has a great website which introduces young people to the many ways that design exists in our world. Go check it out and make sure to spread the word about this excellent project.

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