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CCTV Camera’s become Animals Thanks to Designer Eleonora Trevisanutto

Eleanor Trevisanutto - 3 Cricket

Eleanor Trevisanutto - 1 Tropical

It’s like George Orwell’s Animal Farm meets 1984 with these CCTV camera cases by Italian designer Eleonora Trevisanutto. Her creations transform dull security equipment into friendly looking animals and in the process she creates security equipment which feels far less intimidating. It’s a really interesting concept and I must say I quite like Eleonora’s brightly-colored creations.

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5 Things Instagram Should Change For A Better User Experience

5 Things Instagram Should Change For A Better User Experience

I tend to throw my random thoughts on Twitter a lot. Sometimes it’s a release for my brain, other times it’s to incite a conversation. Last week I mentioned that “Instagram could really use an in-app browser” which spurred a deluge of replies with other features that folks would love to see. So here are some of the suggestions that I thought made a lot of sense with a few of my thoughts.


Instagram - In App BrowsingWhen I wrote this I was thinking specifically of the links you see on people’s profiles and how annoying it is that I have to leave the app to view them. From a product perspective you’d think the Instagram team would want to keep you in the experience no matter what but this inability defies that logic. In my mind an in-app browser, much like you use in Twitter or Paper, would fit the bill. It starts to create a tiny ecosystem from which you can discover new things. But my guess would be that there’s a larger issue when it comes to…

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In-Depth and Up Close Process Video of a Watch Being Made

NOMOS Glashütte

German based watchmakers NOMOS Glashütte are known for their high caliber of watchmaking and this video proves it. Aptly titled Look over the watchmakers’ shoulder we get an intimate look at the intricate process that goes into the making of a watch. It’s honestly mind-boggling to think of how confident these makers are at creating something with such small scale. I think it also clearly shows why these watches are so expensive: it takes a lot of work to make something so perfect.

Sponsored – Making + Meaning: An Architecture Summer Program at SCI-Arc

Making + Meaning: An Architecture Summer Program at SCI-Arc

MAKING+MEANING is SCI-Arc’s five-week summer program for individuals looking to both expand the breadth of their knowledge of architecture and immerse themselves in the school’s studio culture. With a faculty to student ratio of 1:12, the program introduces the principles of architecture in a hands-on exploration of spatial experimentation, design methodologies and the creative process. It is presented in two modules: Design Laboratory and Visual Studies. The Design Laboratory exposes students to various design strategies while experimenting with materials. The Visual Studies module explores diverse modes of representation, ranging from gesture drawing to descriptive geometry and 3D scanning. The studio work is complemented by seminars surveying the latest developments in materials and fabrication technologies.

Scholarships dedicated for those holding an undergraduate degree in visual arts or design.

Summer 2014: July 14 – August 15

Apply at
Southern California Institute of Architecture
960 E. 3rd Street Los Angeles, California

Beauty and Melancholy in Eamonn O’Neill’s Short Film ‘Left’

Left by Eamonn ONeill

Last week RCA graduate and Studio AKA director Eamonn O’Neill released his graduate film Left online. For those of you who have seen his previous BAFTA-nominated short I’m Fine Thanks (which we featured here) you’ll know how hotly anticipated this release is and I’m happy to report that it doesn’t disappoint.

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Hibou Goes Post-Surf Rock With His New EP, ‘Dunes’

Hibou - Dunes

There are few musical acts who actually employ the human voice in a traditional way that I find enjoyable. That is an incredibly ridiculous statement, I am aware, but I’ve never found work in this style to be interesting. I’d rather hear synthetic sonic experiments or human distortions: that’s more fun. But some bands hit a sweet spot usually occupied somewhere between indie rock and drum machine tuning. It’s a spot that acts like Wild Nothing and DIIV and Dog Bite, these sun faded bands making music for dirty beaches. The newest addition to this entry of acts is Hibou, a Seattle act who easily can break into this new genre of post-surf rock quite easily.

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Ratio Eight Coffee Maker: Bringing Refined Design To your Morning Routine

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

Coffee making instruments have a long history of being “sexy”. You’ve got the Chemex, the French press, and for the professional, the La Marzocco espresso machine. Added to the list is the brand new Ratio Eight coffee maker which, to use a totally clichéd descriptor, looks as if Apple designed a Mr. Coffee.

We designed the Eight with the ideal balance of form to function. The clear blown-glass and warm black walnut flush-up against machine-sculpted aluminum for a staunch juxtaposition. Every angle and alignment is measured down to the tenth of a millimeter, all for a singular, refined efficiency.

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

I have no idea if this actually makes decent coffee or not but you’ve got to give it to them for styling along. The combination of aluminum, glass, wood, and cork is a designers wet dream. This is coffee porn taken to the extreme. You can take a look at the video below to get a sense of what the machine is capable of, but be warned, it comes with a hefty $480 price tag.