Winston Scully Gives Pencil Packaging A Facelift


Everyone can picture a classic No. 2. Usually yellow, metal end capped with soft, pink rubber. It is a versatile symbol of creativity, art, potential, academics, anxiety and seemingly endless rounds of bubbling in tiny circles for answers A, B, C or D. The pencil is incredibly recognizable but I can barely drum up the name of a brand, let alone imagine the packaging from which the pencil came in fresh and waiting to be sharpened.


But designer and letterer Winston Scully created a drawing pencil brand that you wouldn’t be soon to forget. Unfortunately Imperial Pencil Co. was just a project for one of Scully’s design classes at Southeastern Louisiana University and doesn’t actually exist but the concept and execution are still beautiful and worth taking note of. Scully, based out of Baton Rogue, is a great letterer and also a fun Instagram follow if you aren’t familiar with him.


The main logo is done in some attractive hand-drawn inline type, which Scully vectorized and then had printed in four different shade of metallic which looks super slick on his black packaging. The type sits on a curve in a way that looks natural and organic something I think is really only properly achieved with custom type.

The rest of the type Scully chose is simple, yet complimentary and I found his placement of it to be pleasing. Just the overall organization of the box was pleasant and easy to read. Serifed fonts were the right choice for readability but also to avoid distraction from the logo’s display type.  The decorative markings, which complete the package, are also lovely without being distracting and I think they’re very suiting for pencil packaging as well.

If only all everyday items came in such beautiful packaging.



March 31, 2014 / By