“Further Out,” A Big House Jam By Octa Octa

Octa Octa Further Out

While catching the new LP from Los Angeles’ own house maker Magic Touch, we found that he was collaborating with a Brooklyn artist in the same world, Octa Octa. Both are 100% Silk labelmates so it makes sense that they be together but Octa Octa has a little something extra to him that is quite enveloping. He’s making big open house jams intended for you to walk around and soak yourself in rather than dance in and dance out of. It’s certainly body music but, as he describes it, is ultimately “boring house.” That’s kind of a joke (as his music isn’t boring) but it’s intended to be listened to and to connect with not just tune out on while you bump and grind. The best example of this is “Further Out,” a luscious eight minute example of contemporary house music done right.

Octa Octa (Real name: Michael Bouldry-Morrison) does everything right in this song. There are synthetic swells and handclaps over snap symbol licks that all are used to frame a twinkling piano, one of the genre’s best friends. It reminds of tunes like Still Going’s now classic “Still Going Theme” but opts to be more open than doubling down into the thick of production flourishes. The song is relatively simple which is something electronic artists often forget to do. It’s easy to cake sonic elements into a song but the risk is obviously coming up stale—and most do.

“Further Out” feels timeless, a product of now made with an eye for the classics. Octa Octa wisely doesn’t bring vocals into the song instead letting that beautiful little piano do the work lyrics or singing could. It leaves more to the imagination and adds a sophistication no lyricism can ever achieve. You can listen to the track below.

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