Dianna Lynn Vandermeulen’s Collages That Look Like Cosmic Aquariums

Dianna Lynn Vandermeulen Collage 2

Dianna Lynn Vandermeulen describes her work in stars. Really: look at her website. Each body of work is explained in symbols! What a cute, playful way of presenting work. It certainly is better than ambiguous names as it captures a specific magical quality her work has. She embraces “girl” colors that she juxtaposes with the dark and she often uses the shiny and the sparkly. She’s not afraid to get big with her work, using the otherwise cloying to be beautiful. This is what makes her collages wonderful: they feel like you are staring into a the sky or into water from the gaze of an enchanted crystal.

Dianna Lynn Vandermeulen Collage 1

Dianna’s creations are all about fantasy and imagination. They rethink landscapes and forms through iridescent materials and otherwise “dainty” objects. She’s not afraid to use glitter, making for an effect not too dissimilar from fairy tale magic. If there were more literal items the work could teeter into the twee or annoying but it is their being abstract that draws the eye. Her collages remind of Gregory Euclide plus Care Bears.

She works beyond this capacity too, dipping into videos and installation work. The sweetness of her work draws you in but keeps you because of the complexity involved with creating work as such. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if nature looked like Dianna makes them out to be all the time? What a wonderful world that would be.

Dianna Lynn Vandermeulen Collage 3

Dianna Lynn Vandermeulen Collage 4

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