Geometric Play Time With Anna Lomax

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Most persons born in the early to late eighties will remember a specific bedsheet that I cannot Google to find because it it something so common yet so specific that it is impossible to find on the internet. It was a play on primary colors and geometry: it was a white sheet with a black grid that had red and blue trim with infrequent green, yellow, and more shapes placed throughout. The concept is something between Memphis Group and DJ Tanner’s bedroom. Sound familiar? I hope so (because I still cannot find a photo of it).

Whoever made these sheets had a big influence on the current crop of designers and artists. That’s why there is so much pattern clashing and playing with geometry. You see it from Will Bryant to Stephanie Gonot—and my theory is that these bedsheets had something to do with it. This idea jumps across the pond too as artist and art director Anna Lomax has felt this too. Her work is a huge playing with pattern playing and collision of forms. It’s artistic play time that is quite wonderful.

Anna Lomax Art 2

Lomax is from and currently lives in London and is obsessed with form and the junk that it shows up in. She collides color families together with movement and a personal touch. Her medium is absolutely unlimited ranging from found objects rearranged to in a Koki Tanaka way to emphasize their common design beauties to using juxtaposing found objects as means to emphasize their inherent ridiculousness (a la Takeshi Murata). Her work inhabits space which isn’t surprising as she works as an art director. She is a very now artist working on a muted but loud palette that has attracted fans from Kenzo to Vogue.

What is so lovely about Lomax, a quality that her contemporaries (in America) don’t have, is that her work looks unplanned but—thanks to the geometry—feels highly formal in a fun way. Her work is so luxurious and takes the high end and turns it ridiculous, therefore making it accessible. No wonder brands love her! If you are going to make a children’s show or an advertisement or set a showroom that you need to look incredibly cool and now yet “high design,” call Lomax: she knows what she’s doing. Perhaps she could do a modern version of DJ Tanner’s bedroom? Well, that’s actually what I’d love to see.

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