John Goldsmith’s Normally Abnormal Street Photography

John Goldsmith Photography 1

John Goldsmith is a Vancouver based photographer. He does a lot of projects and portraits but his street photography has to be his strong suit. It’s not that he’s capturing fashionable street scenes or crushing cultural commentary but instead is finding rich oddity in the world around him. His camera is somehow able to find things the normal eye is missing, to capture specific moments where something is weird, be it from your perception being off or that you are just the right angle. This element of fleetingness is why his street photography is so great: it catches abnormalities in normality.

John Goldsmith Photography 2

John Goldsmith Photography 3

These moments are weird. They’re private moments or times that could inspire a double take: they are here and gone. They are all about timing! They remind of things you try and fail at Instagramming and “You should have been there.” moments. For example: the woman above, sunning as she is seemingly enveloped by pigeons. Another! The strange passing of a cultural parade cut up by a shopping cart and tree. They are odd views of the everyday.

That’s why Goldsmith is so appealing: he is totally weird. It’s wonderful too because they make you question reality. They make you wonder the stories and circumstances behind these unaltered photos from city streets. Good photography makes you question the world they are revealing to you and all of Goldsmith’s work makes you wonder what is going on. There is a lot more where this came from so prepared to get lost.

John Goldsmith Photography 4

John Goldsmith Photography 6

John Goldsmith Photography 5

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