Surreal, Piercing Illustrations by Steve Kim

Steve Kim Illustration 1

Steve Kim is a Los Angeles based illustrator whose work is a morphing of many things. He does a lot of work for The Verge and Polygon which has him reflecting on topical items like memes and video games. His style is central to his work and he doesn’t relinquish any part of himself to a client. Kim makes ghostly, somewhat haunted illustrations that slice people and subjects up, creating odd and eerie works.

Steve Kim Illustration 2

Steve Kim Illustration 3

Most of his work focuses on humans. He slices the tops of their heads and places them on boxes or extracts their skulls and places them in clear spheres. These ethereal, strange creations are to visually explain difficult modern concepts like Bitcoins and digital death. To describe the intangible, you have to get a little intangible yourself.

He’s in good company with The Verge and Polygon as they will—and are—supplying him with ample abstract work to do. He rises to the occasion quite brilliantly every time, giving you things like Aristotle’s decaying face to say that online education may be a sham. He’s certainly a new talent to watch—and he certainly is doing something very new.

Steve Kim Illustration 4

Steve Kim Illustration 6

Steve Kim Illustration 7