A.P.C. Makes Quilts, Too

A.P.C. Quilt 1

A.P.C. Quilt 2

Here is something important to know that many may have been unaware of: A.P.C. makes quilts. Like grandmothers and some Brooklyn and Downtown Los Angeles hobbyists, the French brand have a line of quilted goods that range from zig zagging pillows to checkered blankets that range from the common to the experimentally lovable. They’re obviously pricey, covetable goods but—Boy.—would they look nice in any home or apartment.

A.P.C. Quilt 3

We found out about these when hearing about a run of limited edition quilts hitting a New York A.P.C.. The quilts are made from fabric that the brand has been accumulating over the past twentysomething years and are designed by Jessica Ogden and brand Creative Director Jean Touitou. They’re a genius way for the brand to recycle their own materials and, if you are in New York, you can see above oddities like feline iPhone cases.

If you want to check them out before buying, you can find them in select stores. If you want to sleep with them before buying, you should go to London’s Ace hotel: each room is stocked with a custom made A.P.C. quilt. If you just think they are cool and have money to spend, you can buy A.P.C. quilts from here.

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A.P.C. Quilt 5

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