An Interview with Annie Atkins, prop designer for The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Creative Review has an interview with Annie Atkins, the designer who worked on creating all of the props from Wes Andersen’s newest film, The Gran Budapest Hotel. She, along with production designer Adam Stockhausen, worked to create the imaginary world of Zubrowka and all the items that might inhabit it.

CR: Can you talk us through the process for creating the various graphic props in the film? How closely was Wes Anderson involved in this?

Wes is completely involved in every aspect of his filmmaking, and I worked very closely with him and the production designer, Adam Stockhausen, every day. This film was particularly fun, I think, from a graphics point of view, because we were creating this entirely fictional country that Wes had written – the State of Zubrowka. It meant that every little detail had to be made from scratch – flags, banknotes, postage stamps, everything. Adam had already collected a huge amount of reference from 1930s Eastern Europe when I joined them, and I would start each graphic prop by showing Wes a real artefact from the time. I would show him redrafts of designs sometimes 20 times a day. Wes has a very graphic sensibility – that’s evident in all his films, of course.

You can see more of Annie’s work by clicking here.

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