The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Daniel Patrick Simmons

Dan Simmons wallpaper - iPad, iPhone, Desktop

Daniel Patrick Simmons

When you think of people who are “Instagram famous” you’re probably imagining a photographer. Well Daniel Patrick Simmons is “Instagram famous” but not because of his photos, it’s for his remarkable lettering. What’s even more remarkable is his personal story, the 5 minute version being that he left a good job at Apple to follow his passion for lettering and it’s paying off.

He was nice enough to create an awesome wallpaper for today featuring one of his favorite Pablo Picasso quotes, which says “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Too true. I love that he chose to shoot his entire process on a desktop, showing the time and work he put into his piece. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram where he posts lots of behind-the-scenes photos of his work in process.

March 5, 2014