Frank Chimero Builds A Home on the Web

Frank Chimero Builds A Home on the Web

Designer and intelligent idiot (his words) Frank Chimero updated his personal site, creating a homey location for his digital self to live. He found inspiration in the work of the Eames, wanting something that felt modern but lived in, that you could see the fingerprints of the maker on the site itself.

I wanted something homey. Better yet: homely. Americans think of homely as something that’s unhandsome, maybe even ugly. But the Brits observe the root “home,” since they invented the damn language. Homely, for them, is like a house: familiar, comforting, easy. There’s a rightness to it. For me, the Eames house is homely, because they filled it to the gills with the things they loved. How great would it be to have that online, where you would not run out of shelves? It’s an old dream, and one that’s still alive, but we’ve outsourced it. I think that shelf belongs at home.

It’s certainly interesting on a conceptual level, and I think he does achieve his goal, but I think it could have been cool to see more charming details scattered throughout. Perhaps more charming fonts? Wing dings used for dividers? Subtle textures here and there, like dusty corners of an attic? If Frank has truly built himself a home on the web, I hope he keeps adding on to it and building it into something even more charming and lovely.

March 4, 2014 / By