This Redesign of Royal Brunei Airlines Takes Off

Royal Brunei Airlines Redesign

Royal Brunei Airlines Redesign

Making airlines feel approachable seems to me like a difficult challenge. A lot of airlines (save for Virgin) can feel cold and detached, nearly clinical some times. Interbrand decided to take the opposite approach and bring a more personal touch when rebranding Royal Brunei airlines.

The new brand turns RB’s weaknesses into advantages, using its nations smallness and limited route map to create a unique ‘boutique’ offering, leveraging on the strengths of its people and the unique culture of the country. The new logo builds on existing color, shape equities and the nation’s coat of arms. The yellow sash is a sharp and simple device that connects all communications and collaterals, and gives the brand space to be playful with messaging. The result is a new understated SMALL–BUT–STYLISH feel – approachable, genuine and chic.

I love the use of yellow and beige, it certainly gives the branding a romantic glow. When I look at the mark it reminds me more of a luxury resort or a high end clothing line, which I can’t say I’ve associated with an airline before. It’s an interesting perspective to take, though I’m not certain if it’s the right path to take. I like it, but will consumers understand it? Only time will tell.

You can see more of the redesign by clicking here.

Royal Brunei Airlines Redesign


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