Solvent’s “Burn The Tables” Is A Sparse, Mechanical Jam

Solvent Burn The Tables I Dream Of Wire

There is apparently a documentary coming out called I Dream Of Wires about the rise of the modular synthesizer, a musical tool that has helped in the popularization and accessibility of electronic music. The film explains and shares tales from successful musicians like Trent Reznor to Carl Craig in the hopes of explaining the relationship this item had in forming an entire musical movement. The project comes from a special place as it was written and directed by Robert Fantinatto along with co-writer and producer Jason Amm.

Amm’s involvement is quite significant as he is a respected musician working under the name Solvent. Naturally, his involvement has brought out some new music by way of him soundtracking the project. The first taste of the film’s sound is his song “Burn The Tables,” a six minute crisp, crunchy computerized jam.

The song is very mechanical and industrial yet sparse enough to be its own electric study. It carries the weight of so much in terms of sound since it is simultaneously steeped in vintage synthesis executed with a light contemporary ear. According to NPR, creating a song like “Burn The Tables” and the soundtrack came from Amm’s “access to a ridiculous arsenal of large-scale gear to experiment” and a Eurorack system. The song easily could have been stiff and cold and like lifeless computerized beeps organized neatly: that is where Amm succeeds so greatly. The song is a success because he arranged it in a way that emphasizes their character.

The video for the song is directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford and is a neat white noise blurring of surveillance film. I Dream Of Wires is available on DVD now from Science With Synthesizers as is the new Solvent record.