Nutrition Labels Getting A Much Needed Redesign

Nutrition Label Redesign

CNN reported yesterday that here in the U.S. the FDA is proposing a change to nutritional labels, the first since their inception over 20 years ago. The new design would focus on highlighting the number of calories, adjusting serving sizes to more accurately represent how people eat, as well as the daily values for certain nutrients such as sodium, dietary fiber and Vitamin D.

From a design perspective it’s nice to see a hierarchy introduced, putting calories and serving size front and center. The delineation between sections is also well done, though I think it’s weird to have the percentage of daily values first before you know what it’s a percentage of. Shouldn’t that be flipped back? Either way it’s good to see the government making strides to educate people on what they’re putting in their body. Hopefully this trend continues.

February 27, 2014 / By