Changing Things Up

Last weekend, Kyle and the dogs and I moved to a brand new apartment. It can be a pain to move into a new place, but when I look at the big picture it’s a therapeutic act. Being able to remove the unnecessary elements of your life and start fresh with a new space allows you to examine things differently. What once worked so well in a space just might not fit anymore, and that’s ok.

All of this change got me thinking about this very blog and what I want it to be. When I first started the site over six years ago it was a site for me to share the things I thought were cool, simple as that. It still works essentially like that, only I think I lost a little bit of myself on the way. I’ve realized that in trying so hard to be a legitimate “website” that I’ve lost the charm and fun of being, well, me.

I still love to write about design, illustration, and art, but my true passion lies in ideas around web design, apps, technology, the future, etc. I’m uncertain if you, the reader, are interested in what I’m interested in. But I do think what’s more important is being honest and putting my true self out there, something I don’t think I’ve done a good job of in the last couple years.

So as simple as that, you’ll start to see a shift in the site. There will be more random thoughts and ideas being pushed out and less of me worrying about whether or not what I’m doing fits with the old space. It’s time to fuck things up, burn things down, and try to again to create something that truly fits me.

February 26, 2014 / By