Luminat, a unique inline and slab inspired by neon


Inline typefaces have been fairly trendy over the last few years. That added pop in the middle of each character makes for simple but catchy display type so I’m not surprised. The League of Moveable Type’s Ostrich has always been a particular favorite of mine. But Michael Leithner‘s Luminat Sans shows a fresh take on the trend.


As you can see there are small breaks within the inline that add a little bit of depth to the 2D display type. This is such a simple idea and this is the first time I’ve come across it. I was very instantly drawn to Luminat Sans but Leithner’s slab serifed version also has an intriguing special feature too. Note the little curve of the stem before it meets the serif, dipping inward a little right before its based.



The typeface started as an idea for a corporate font for a shop Leithner wanted to start that sold illuminated typography — hence the name — or more simply put neon signage for interior design purposes. The inline strokes in the sans serif and the curves in Luminat slab are both inspired by the glass tubes used to hold neon.


I don’t think the two would necessarily pair that well together in one project but both would make for nice options in your font folio when you’re reaching for font with just a little something different. Their subtleties make you look twice without being jarring, making them good display type options. Luminat Sans comes in two uppercases and Luminat Slab comes in both upper and lowercases.


Leithner works as graphic designer in Austria and does a lot of corporate design so in his spare time, he like to create typefaces. Luminat was the third typeface he made as a part of his bachelor thesis. You may have seen his other, more unique sets, Franco and Chisel.

Both versions of Luminat are available for purchase at Ultra Types. Leithner said he might create a variety of weights in the future.

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