Alex Trochut recreates the Adobe logo without Photoshop

Alex Trochut - Adobe logo

Alex Trochut - Adobe logo

Alex Trochut, font designer and amazing illustrator, was recently hired by Adobe to rethink their logo in the way that he does these sort of things. Surprisingly he didn’t rely upon any sort of Adobe product to accomplish this task, opting for a much more analogue approach. What you see above isn’t digital, it’s various kinds of liquids sitting on glass which was made possible thanks to a spray called NeverWet. The spray creates a hydrophobic coating which repels water, thus these colored balls of liquid taking these perfect shapes.

Tons of experimenting went into this process (as you can see in the video below) but even these images above are quite astonishing. The fact that he was able to get such a range of colors naturally is quite a feat. Next time you complain about Photoshop crashing think about how sad Alex may have been if someone bumped into one of these pieces.

February 21, 2014 / By