The Floor Is Jelly

The Floor Is Jelly 1

The Floor Is Jelly 2

“Who hasn’t dreamt, at some point, of filling a pool full of jello and swimming in it?” the description for the game The Floor Is Jelly asks. While I’ve never had that thought, it does seem interesting: what if the world was made out of a more malleable or differently consistent material, something that was softer or bouncier or slippery or some other property? The Floor Is Jelly is a game that plays with this idea providing an entire mini-universe for you to jump around and explore as you solve various puzzles.

Created by Ian Snyder with music by veteran game composer Disasterpeace, you play as a little guy who runs around this fun jelly world. You run through little mazes where you can bounce off of walls and jump from one dimension to another via various triggered objects that shift once you jelly jump near it. The game is about cause and effect and like similar titles—Fez, Braid, Limbo, etc.—it has a large portion of style to it. The world created uses tons of delicate pastels and jewel tones to compliment this jelly alien planet. The game is not only clever but good looking.

It’s also available now to play on your computer. We’ve only heard about it last week and are so stoked to check it out. You can watch a little preview of the game below and download it from here.