The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Jacob Zinman-Jeanes

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring  Jacob Zinman-Jeanes

Jacob Zinman-Jeanes

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the desert, Palm Springs in particular. Kyle and the dogs and I drive the two hour trip about every two months to get away from the daily hustle and relax poolside, blue drinks in hand. Another aspect I love about the desert is the amazing plant life it supports. Th diversity of plants is extraordinary and most of the time these plants look like something you’d find under the ocean, not in the middle of the desert. I’m pretty sure that Jacob Zinman-Jeanes, a Melbourne based illustrator and designer, would love these plants as much as I do, based on this week’s wallpaper which he created.

This cactus filled wallpaper is amazing, featuring all sorts of amazing varieties and that color palette! So great. Perhaps this is Jacob’s secret dream life, to grow cacti and desert plants, shucking the day-to-day grind that so many of us want to escape?

February 19, 2014