Lee Gamble’s Dark, Bassy Remix Of PANES’ “Choice Errors”

Lee Gamble PANES

PANES are a fairly new London based band that there isn’t much known about yet. But! They must be pretty good if they’ve been able to tap fellow Brit and PAN label dude Lee Gamble for a remix. Gamble is of the current crop of electronic experimenters who are doing fantastic things with sound that bend in both the very abstract and rhythmic directions. 2013’s Dutch Tvashar Plumes is an excellent example of this. His work with PANES sees their otherwise Bass-y, trippy London pop sound scaled back to its bare ghostly center. That means in a very Gamble way removing the original’s vocals, all dynamism, and leaving the song as a minimized hum.

The remix—which is of PANES’ “Choice Errors”—is a thumping doubling of the original, spanning from three minutes to nearly seven. It focuses on sloppy claps and a heavy bass thudding with echoes of the original’s vocals. Gamble draws far back from the original effectively reworking everything about it. It’s spacious and big, reverberating in a much darker way than the original does. The original “Choice Errors” feels like children playing with black magic for fun: Gamble’s remix feels like the demonic spirit that they tried to conjure arrived and taught them a thing or two about darkness.

It’s an amazing feat and certainly a great before and after in terms of remix work. Gamble also doesn’t stop to lighten the blow of his sound or vision for the song, pressing into you for the full near seven minutes. It’s quite an accomplishment: listen to the song below.

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