Juliana Futter’s Body & Life Illustrations

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Juliana Futter is a London based illustrator whose work is a bit difficult to describe. The style is understandable as they are colorful and often rippling images you may see in yourself, in your home, or in history. The subjects are a bit difficult to articulate as she doesn’t necessarily work on “just one thing.” She isn’t obsessed with a small animal or certain type of food but instead mashes together the the body with life, specifically from Classic eras.

Her works in illustrations are fairly simple as they are line based paintings that use a minimal amount of colors and elements to represent something. The image of a face may use peach paint to outline the face and squiggly black lines to define features and age. The image of a pot may use the same idea employing a base coat that embellishment or filling is placed onto.

Her figures are typically nude and the female form is often brought in and juxtaposed with pots and phallic fruit. That’s where it feels like you can tack Futter’s work to: meditations on Classicism from a colorful and contemporary illustrative point of view. Ritualistic practices are depicted as are relics from various tribes’ past (Catholic, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, etc.), all of which are splashed with a current stylings.

Thus, you could say her work depicts the body and life of both the past and present and, potentially, future. She covers a wide range with her work, all of which are incredibly attractive. I’m not sure when or where exactly her mind is occupying but it seems like a rad place to be in.

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