PillPack is using design to change the pharmacy industry


It’s an interesting time to be a designer. Design started to creep into our daily lives with the introduction of affordable homes and furniture, like what the Eames and Herman Miller were working on. Then we had companies like Sony, Apple, and Netflix who changed the way we enjoyed media or communicated, but those aren’t necessarily life or death causes. Now we have designers starting companies like Fitbit or Nest to help us with our personal health and safety which to me feels like the ultimate goal in design, solving real problems. Now there’s a new startup (I think that’s what you’d call it) called PillPack which wants to challenge the way we think of pharmacies.


PillPack is company that sends you all your medications in an unmarked box like a pharmacy might, but the real innovation comes with the pill packs themselves. Rather than organized by multiple bottles with tiny writing across them, dosages are portioned out appropriately into their own individual packs which are clearly labeled with the time, date, and contents. It’s a genius bit of UX which makes it that much easier for a person to take their medications correctly without mistakes. I love that it’s not the most complex of ideas but it’s an extremely well executed one in an industry that could use a little disruption.

You can learn more about PillPack by clicking here.

February 12, 2014 / By