Rimon Guimarães’ Colorful Building Sized Murals

Rimon Guimarães' Mural Street Art 1

Rimon Guimarães' Mural Street Art 2

You probably wouldn’t guess this from the title but Rimon Guimarães is a young self-taught artist. He is from Brazil and only twenty-five years old: for such a young man, it’s somewhat hard to believe that he has a very developed, very wide reaching hand in street art. Guimarães creates giant, building covering paintings of almond eyed people who are colorful and lanky, shapely and physically active. They are made out of stripes of color and often are studies in human form.

Rimon Guimarães' Mural Street Art 3

Like Os Gemeos—an obvious and easy comparison—Guimarães uses buildings as a means to hide his characters in. They are crouched or hanging from a wall, often popping out of nowhere to say hello. They cover various settings they are in, adding waves of light to Amsterdam and faces for walls in Porto Alegre. Like the artist, they are youthful and full of energy (which you can really see from the multiple photos of him jumping along with the characters in his work).

Guimarães does seem to just be getting started and has only shown his work in somewhat limited locations. His work has popped up a few times for us out in the annals of Tumblr so obviously the guy must be doing it right if people are drooling about him on that site. It’s easy to see why he is becoming popular: he makes big, happy work using wild colors. What isn’t there to like about that?

Rimon Guimarães' Mural Street Art 4

Rimon Guimarães' Mural Street Art 5

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