The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ben Wallis

Ben Wallis Wallpaper

Ben Wallis

Love. It’s a double edged sword. Both wonderful and painful, we can’t live with it and we can’t live without it. As an optimist and a romantic, I find Valentine’s Day to be a rather wonderful time, able to show the one I love how much they mean. I also think it’s a way to show how much you mean to me, dear reader, and so I’ve worked with Ben Wallis on crafting a heartfelt wallpaper for this special time. You might remember Ben, he won our Re-Covered Books contest for his awesome Harry Potter cover. He’s working towards doing illustration full-time, which I definitely support.

He calls his wallpaper Cutaway Lovers, two lovers that are divided into skin, bones, guts, and spirit. At the center they share the same heart. As he says, “I like the idea of this being a fun cutesy valentines drawing, but with weird guts and gore.” Ditto. Love is amazing but it can also be quite honest and messy.

February 10, 2014