Craig Green’s tied, dyed, smothered, and covered S/S 2014 collection

Craig Green Spring Summer 2014 4

Not sure if people would agree but tie-dye feels like it’s back in. This isn’t the traditional entry that is for and by hippies but is instead new takes on dye born out of the resurge in popularity of indigo. Thus, the style is back but in through new, experimental ways.

London based artist and “fashion designer” Craig Green obviously feels this way as his Spring/Summer 2014 show is a collection of works that incorporate his “subdued” past of blacks and whites and smothering covers into new takes on dying. He has taken his own aesthetic, put it through a self-referential dye process, and ended up with the new collection.

Craig Green Spring Summer 2014 2

Craig Green Spring Summer 2014 3

Green’s clothes are marked by simplicity. They are basic jackets and t-shirts and shorts and small slip-on sneakers: the construction of the clothes are basic but he layers them in a way that can seem very complicated. He then dyed them in ways that look like camouflage mixed with stereotypical dye swirls, ones that you may have been made in elementary school Summer camp. Instead of doing one he did a few in multiple color ways, turning a t-shirt into a nuanced fractal study. He’s also brought in bucket hats (Which only he can make cool, really.), eye-covering bandanas, and—his calling card—trash-like cardboard headpieces that recall everything the homeless to Hopi Indian masks. He’s doing the exciting and weird things that Gareth Pugh has sadly left behind.

I wish I had all of these looks in my closet. Like the crazy colored and crazy accessorized Fall 2014 Issey Miyake collection, Green has put everything I wanted into his wears: it’s colorful yet simple, new but old—and is a whole lot of “WTF?” It feels like these people in his show are from some sort of future natives tribe a la Cloud Atlas or Avatar. If only that were true: I would love to live in that world, running through forests clad in neon tie-dyed shorts and dress along with a cardboard shield. It’s like gay Mad Max. See more from the collection here

Craig Green Spring Summer 2014 4
Craig Green Spring Summer 2014 5