The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Flagsmith

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Flagsmith


There’s something quite alluring about maritime signal flags, especially as a designer. The elaborate series of shapes with associated meanings are incredibly functional but also look beautiful from an outsiders point of view. This is certainly a part of the reason why Always With Honor and Scribble Tone have created Flagsmith, a flag building typeface.

All of the flags in the wallpapers were made with Flagsmith, a flag building typeface we created in collaboration with Scribble Tone. Flagsmith utilizes Opentype to transform words into shapes and patterns that can be layered and combined to create a myriad of distinct flags.

There’s always been something very satisfying about the simple arrangement of shapes, pattern and color found in flags that have the power to evoke so much. We aimed to create a system that focused on the joy of building and discovering that perfect balance with such simple elements.

You can also snag a wooden block version of Flagsmith which includes 6 blocks printed on each side with a solid or pattern found in the typeface.

Flagsmith Blocks

February 5, 2014