King Krule on Mount Kimbie’s “You Took Your Time”

King Krule

I didn’t realize that King Krule was such a polarizing musician. I know I’ve seen several of the folks I follow on Twitter share my enjoyment of his unique vocals. But then I put his music on at work or in the car and the comment I hear most is, “That guy sounds like he’s dying.”

A few weeks back I stumbled upon this track that he did with Mount Kimbie and was totally enamored with it. I mean, King Krule still sounds like he’s dying, but the music to this track is pretty unbeatable. Mount Kimbie has such a way with bass lines, they always remind me of Radiohead. I also really like that this track is sprawling, that it starts to devolve and unravel as it reaches it’s end. If you like this you should certainly snag Mount Kimbie’s most recent album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.

February 5, 2014 / By