Skyler Brickley melts masses of plastic into abstract forms

Skyler Brickley

Skyler Brickley is a New York based artist who basically makes what looks like destroyed hoods from brightly colored cars from the future. He twists and punches through sheets of supposed metal that could be shipped off to a space junk yard. They are big and fascinating and definitely give you the feeling that his pieces are part of something larger. Maybe a Transformer molted, leaving behind this rippling sheet? No, not really: they’re actually made out of polyethylene terephthalate or FRP, complicated and sturdy plastics that—when painted with automotive paint—appear to be twisted metal.

Skyler Brickley Artist 2

The work all have great movement to them. They suggest the gesture associated with closing a fist, crumpling a sheet of paper within the palm of your hand. They feel delicate or even water like, still moments of intense movement. Some of the work is stretched until it breaks or seared through with giant dripping holes not too dissimilar from the wounded T-1000 in Terminator 2. Brickley’s color choices add an element of playfulness which is why they feel less straightforwardly automotive and more like that of a speciality car.

His works are big and definitely play within certain casts, as he used to make this series. What he is doing is very new and certainly feels unique and absolutely unrivaled. We had the opportunity to catch them at this past weekend’s Art Los Angeles Contemporary and they are certainly breathtaking in person. We’re not sure if he shows frequently in America as his representation is in Dubai but, if you have the chance, you definitely should seek this work out. It’s even more warping and unbelievable in person.

Skyler Brickley Artist 1

Skyler Brickley Artist 3

Skyler Brickley Artist 4

Skyler Brickley Artist 5