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Want By Svpply 2

A lot people still use Svpply—and I was using it for a while. When it came out it was a one-of-a-kind, well designed way to track things that you would like to purchase and show off what you’ve already purchased: it was beloved by all. It’s a means to log what you are into at a certain time and helps in cataloguing trends that are quickly passing at the hand of the Internet. I eventually stopped using it, though. There was no reason: I just stopped. I’m not sure if it got old or I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted but I stopped using it. Perhaps the searching was too annoying? I don’t know.

I re-downloaded the app a few months ago and somehow found myself onto a new app that they made, a spinoff from the original called Want By Svpply. I ultimately deleted Svpply again since I was forgetting to use it—but I found myself on Want every day. What is Want then? It’s a daily catalogue delivered to you in a clean, interesting, very Svpply way that uses your previously Wanted items to select suggestions for you. If you are overwhelmed by the search of Svpply, Want does the work for you by offering suggestions.

Want By Svpply 2

Want By Svpply 3

Every morning—or at whatever time you set it to—you get a little notification that your Want is ready. This daily issue is based on what you’ve been into (and Wanting) and consists of about thirty-something goods for you to enjoy. Some may be familiar, many may be new, and you may actually be so drawn to something that you buy it. I’ve done this a few times because they make it so easy for you to do that. Find a t-shirt that you like, at a decent price? Go select the Buy button and follow to its respective home. Can’t now? Want it or Share it. Again: it works just the same as Svpply but you don’t have to do any legwork or hunting. You instead act like a stylist, yay or naying items pitched to you.

Of course it looks great, too. Turning away from it’s sister site’s stark black and white, Want features a stark white base accented by a rainbow gradient that bookends your daily issue like a cover sleeve. The app is also viewed by horizontal scrolling, something that adds to its being like a catalogue. The layouts are clean and not cluttered and each issue is quick enough to keep your attention and long enough to allow you to dig into new goods. There can be some repetition from day to day and you may find yourself getting trend item after trend item after trend item.

If you don’t mind that one detail, you will love Want. It brought Svpply back to life for me and is a great Wish List of what you like but don’t necessarily need. I look at it this way: if Want can find me cool shit that I wasn’t looking for that I can keep track of and then hand over as a wish list to someone via my Svpply page, then I am in. I am for mindless wish list making.

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